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UV-Cap GmbH & Co KG acquires Scil Proteins GmbH Scil Proteins GmbH becomes Navigo Proteins GmbH

Halle (Saale), Germany – 3rd Feb 2017 – Scil Proteins GmbH, the expert protein engineering company for affinity ligands and targeted carriers, today announced that UV-Cap GmbH & Co KG, Ravensburg, has acquired 100% of the shares of Scil Proteins from Bionet Ventures GmbH, Munich. The Company will be renamed to Navigo Proteins GmbH. All staff and management will be retained.
The new Navigo Proteins will operate through two separate business units; Navigo Precision Targeting and Navigo Precision Capturing. Navigo Precision Targeting will focus on diagnostics, imaging and therapeutics, whilst Navigo Precision Capturing will produce affinity products for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. This structure will support continued growth and accelerate Navigo Proteins’ commercialisation strategy.
Henning Afflerbach, CEO of Navigo Proteins stated: “This is a natural next growth step in the evolution and value creation strategy for our business. UV-Cap’s global industry network and in-depth knowledge of the biopharmaceutical sector will further support our mission to provide novel targeted molecules for use in both precision medicine and biomanufacturing.”
Udo J. Vetter, Founder and Managing Director of UV-Cap added: “We are excited to be able to support the long term aspiration of the team at the new Navigo Proteins. Their established technologies hold great potential to add substantial value to the growing fields of diagnostics, imaging and therapy in precision medicine as well as bioprocessing, helping to expand therapeutic pipelines and accelerate product development.”
Brian Hunter, Managing Director of BioNet Ventures commented: “We are confident that UV-Cap’s backing will accelerate and strengthen Navigo Proteins’ future development, providing an environment for enhanced growth and ensuring continuity. We are pleased that the management and team will continue to be focused on collaborations with industrial partners from the bioprocessing, targeted imaging and therapy and the precision diagnostics industries.”
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About Navigo Proteins GmbH
Navigo Proteins GmbH is a privately owned protein engineering company, based in Halle/Saale, Saxony- Anhalt, Germany. Its core business includes the development of targeted carriers for radio imaging and -therapy, as well as products for affinity biomanufacturing of recombinant therapeutic proteins and antibodies.
Navigo Proteins established a proprietary protein engineering platform to create Affilin® scaffold proteins with high stability, affinity and specificity. These properties are ideally tailored for applications in precision targeting and precision capture of biomolecules and overcome several recognised antibody limitations.
Operating through its two business units, Navigo Precision Targeting and Navigo Precision Capturing, Navigo leverages its state-of-the-art protein engineering technologies and in-house expertise to successfully deliver programmes for its global industry partners.

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About UV-Cap GmbH & Co KG
UV-Cap of Ravensburg, Germany is a Private Equity Company founded by Udo J. Vetter. It typically invests in mid-size companies with innovative platform technologies that have a strong market potential in the business-to-business arena.
As an independent investor, UV-Cap is able to actively support the creation of innovative ideas and thereby enhance profitable, long term growth within its invested companies.
UV-Cap has a broad and varied portfolio of life science companies. Its extensive international management and market development experience, coupled with proven technology and service competence, have been successfully applied to both the Life Sciences and Factory automation sectors.

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