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Affinity Chromatography

Conventional multi-step chromatography in downstream purification impacts the overall manufacturing costs, process development (PD) timelines, and manufacturability risks for biopharmaceuticals and vaccines more than any other manufacturing step.

Scil Proteins´ affinity chromatography minimizes this risk and yields highly purified protein in a single-step. Affinity chromatography simplifies PD, reduces number of process steps, shortens development timelines and facilitates robust and scalable processes. In late stage and market supply affinity chromatography significantly reduces time and COGS.

Scil Proteins is dedicated to implement affinity chromatography as a platform driven approach for biopharmaceutical products. It is our mission to deliver solutions for all biological product groups including

    • Antibodies, Fab fragments, IgG subtypes
    • Non-Antibodies (customized affinity ligands): vaccines, fusion proteins, hormones, blood factors, enzymes etc.

Our ligand platform is fully patent protected in antibody and non-antibody affinity chromatography.

The proprietary affinity ligands have excellent features for stability, affinity, expressability and coupling chemistry.

Our partnering strategy offers the discovery and development of ready-to-use affinity chromatography devices for our customers.

Antibody Purification

The manufacturing of therapeutic antibodies faces ever-increasing cost and regulatory pressures in a highly competitive environment. In 2013 more than 8 tons of antibodies have been manufactured. The antibody purification market segment grows with an annual CAGR of 12% and has reached a volume far beyond 1 B USD annually. Antibody purification relies on well-established protein A-based affinity chromatography media. Nevertheless, the industry expresses a clear demand for more efficacious and cheaper manufacturing devices. Scil Proteins affinity ligands are designed to meet these requirements thereby offering the potential to capture a significant share of the affinity ligand media market.

Scil Proteins develops a next generation protein A applicable for antibody affinity chromatography. The project aims at higher caustic stability and dynamic binding capacity compared to the commercially available best in class market standards. It includes the engineering of protein characteristics as well as the optimization of linker and coupling chemistries.