target and capturing


Scil Proteins is a private protein engineering company focused on generating and optimizing proprietary ligands for affinity chromatography and targeted carriers utilizing its flexible and modular affinity ligand platform for partners in the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science industries.

The Company’s core business areas include the development of affinity ligands for the purification of antibodies and non-antibody proteins as well as Affilin® based targeted carriers for the generation of e.g. radio conjugates.

Affilin®-based molecules are derived from a human scaffold protein and have high stability, affinity and specificity making them ideal for a range of applications that demand targeting and capturing of biomolecules. The unique properties of these Affilin®-based molecules overcome several of the limitations of antibodies, especially in specific niche applications.

 The core areas are underpinned by state-of-the-art protein engineering technologies and a team with an unrivalled depth of expertise and track record in this area, making Scil Proteins an
attractive partner.